Greek Balsamic with Figs / 250ml. / Kalios

Greek Balsamic with Figs / 250ml. / Kalios

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Made from dried fig must and 5 year old wine vinegar aged in oak barrels, Kalios Fig Balsamic is guaranteed to have no additives and no added sugars. 

With moderate acidity and an incredibly smooth mouthfeel, it offers incomparable fruity flavours. Pleasantly sweet, it reveals notes of figs that will make any fan of this small fleshy fruit fall in love.

Thanks to its incredibly velvety texture, you can add a little of this balsamic to hard cheeses or to fresh goat's milk cheeses to change the goat-honey association. 

To deglaze duck breasts and foie gras or to concoct succulent marinades, you can play on the sweet and sour accents of this vinegar and make your cooking even more gourmet and generous.

Ingredients: 53% dried fig concentrate, 42% aged grape vinegar, 5% grape must.