Extra Virgin Lucques Olive Oil / 500ml. / L'Oulibo

Extra Virgin Lucques Olive Oil / 500ml. / L'Oulibo

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This extra virgin olive oil is extracted from a cuvée of Lucques du Languedoc. A sweet and voluptuous variety of olives considered as the best of olives and whose aromas will remain for a long time in the mouth. Moreover, this variety benefits from a Protected Designation of Origin, a guarantee of flavour and quality. 

This olive oil is 100% made in France, from cultivation to extraction. It is obtained from freshly picked olives from which the oil is extracted cold, using mechanical processes.

We find a complexity of aromas ranging from dried fruit to almond and hazelnut, with a hint of green fruit. It will go very well with all your sauces as well as with your hot dishes such as purees, pasta, steamed vegetables or fish, where it will deliver all its aromas to the delight of your taste buds! 

Ingredient: Picholibe extra virgin olive oil.