Hédène Honey & Tea Gift Box / Flower Honey & 10 Tea Bags / 267g.

Hédène Honey & Tea Gift Box / Flower Honey & 10 Tea Bags / 267g.

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Hédène and Le Beau Thé offer you a journey of the senses through this collector's collaboration. Discover the garden of Hédène and all its intoxicating creations, both visual and organoleptic. Live day after day our genesis as elegant as gourmet.

Composed of Hédène flower honey from France, treat yourself to a moment of sweetness combining floral and fruity notes. To accompany it, find the ten days of Genesis, ten varieties of tea with flavors each more surprising than the next.


COUP DE FOUET: black* & green* tea, citrus fruits*, acerola*, guarana*.

SUR-BONNE: hibiscus*, verbena*, morello cherry*.

AT LOVE: rooibos*, cocoa*, ginger*, currant*.

HANGOVER: nettle*, ginger*, spirulina*.

MELANCHOLY TUESDAY: Sencha green tea*, goji berry*, cranberry*.

SUN LOVE: rooibos*, coconut*, papaya*, pineapple*.

SECRET LOVE: Sencha green tea*, rose petals*, Dragon Pearls jasmine*.

WILD LOVE: guayusa*, Sencha green tea*, lemongrass*.

LUNAR LOVE: Assam black tea*, cocoa bean*, chicory root*.

CRAZY LOVE: rooibos*, date*, mango*, papaya*.

*Ingredients from organic farming.