Organic Olive Oil & Garlic / 250ml. / Bio Planète (Huilerie Moog)

Organic Olive Oil & Garlic / 250ml. / Bio Planète (Huilerie Moog)

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For this Bio Planète condiments olive oil, we combine aromatic garlic with olive oil in one savory-fresh composition. The composition’s natural taste is so aromatic that it doesn’t need any additional flavors. 

Our partner mill in Portugal is rich in tradition and uses the characteristically olive varieties Cobrancosa, Cordovil de Serpa, and Arbequina for this oil. With a skillfulness which comes from years of experience, the olives are expertly pressed along with fresh garlic. During this process, the garlic’s natural essential oils pass into the olive oil and lend a unique flavor to it. Both as a spice and a medicinal plant, garlic is widespread. This hearty melange is ideal for everyday use and a great match for soups and sauces, bruschetta, salads, or steak.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and a raw food diet.

Ingredients: Olive oil* (99 %), garlic extracts* (1 %). * Product of organic farming.